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types of health :Can Obese People Be Healthy? In the latest research, scientists have solved the mystery

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the concept of health, There is an idea that people can live a healthy life despite being obese, but Spanish scientists have found this idea completely wrong in a new study, stating the amazing benefits of exercise for heart health. ۔ According to Mail Online, scientists at the European University in Madrid have compiled the results by comparing the exercise habits, obesity, what is good health and heart health of 527,662 adults in the study, which found that obese people are at higher risk of having a heart attack than thin people who do not exercise at all.

Constitution of the World Health,

Such people are four times more likely to develop diabetes and five times more likely to develop high blood pressure. Professor Alexandro Lucia, head of the research team, said that exercise not only dramatically reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in humans. The importance of healthBut regular exercise also protects against hypertension and many other ailments.

Scientists have found the most unique cure for baldness, you will lose your nose knowing the unique method

health means, Scientists have found the most unique cure for baldness, knowing the unique way you will close your nose. Be forced to According to Mail Online, the treatment is to transplant the bacteria of a healthy man's anus into the patient's body.3 definitions of health Scientists at Columbia University in the United States have discovered that this treatment is a treatment for alopecia, a disease caused by autoimmune disorders in which men's hair falls out. University scientists are conducting clinical trials of this treatment with surprising results. healthy eating articles in magazines

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