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coronavirus today : 'Nightmare,A year after the Karuna lockdown in Wuhan

world meter USA,' Nightmare, A year after the Karuna lockdown in Wuhan

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worldmeter coronavirus, The world's first and toughest lockdown was imposed in the central Chinese city of Wuhan on January 23 last year, but the so-called "Ground Zero" has returned to life.

Outside the seafood market in Wuhan, China, I really remember the barrier that was the center of the coronavirus a year ago, worldmeter india, which saw it from all over the world. ‘‘.

In addition to these barriers, Central China is a city with a population of over one million, where daily life is the norm, where cars flock to the emperors, the hustle and bustle of sidewalks, and public transport and parks around the world. coronavirus worldometerThe eyes are coming. "

Today (January 23) in the city of Kota, where for the first time at the end of 2019 area 19 was traced to Sekresa, there is no need to stop Karuna's father. coronavirus cases by country

On January 23 last year, the world's first and most severe demonstration took place in Kohohan, where traffic was completely restricted.worldometer coronavirus india

People here spent 86 days in fear and panic before the deadly virus was brought under control.

coronavirus trends by state, Today, Wuhan's pharmacies and hospitals are empty of Code 19 patients and the shadows of fear have dissipated, and the city, known in the world as 'Ground Zero' in terms of the corona, is completely back to life.worldometer's coronavirus

Officially, there are no plans to commemorate Wuhan's first lockdown, but traces of a bygone era remain.

Boards shutting down the Wuhan Seafood Market in the center of the city are pointing to the crisis, coronavirus updates the USA California, behind which the tiny virus has crossed the border into China and infected millions of people around the world. More than a million people died.

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And now that the streets here are bright again, the citizens have not yet taken off their masks. Strict measures are still in place in most parts of the country as authorities fear a resurgence of the epidemic locally,worldometer coronavirus uk

China has regained control of the epidemic after a sharp rise in cases of the corona over the past few weeks, leading to new lockdowns, travel bans, and large-scale testing.

On the other hand, after a few cases came to light in the capital Beijing in recent days, the authorities have banned 1.6 million residents from leaving the capital.

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