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coronavirus : A few patients with corona virus start stammering after recovery, new extremely dangerous side effects have emerged

 coronavirus: A few patients with coronavirus start stammering 

after recovery, new extremely dangerous side effects have

 emerged, world meter,

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world meter the USA, A few patients with the coronavirus began to stutter after recovering, a new extremely dangerous side effect emerged another dangerous side effect of this deadly virus in patients recovering from the coronavirus in the United States. According to Mail Online, two people who have recovered from the coronavirus in the United States have so far been diagnosed with stuttering. One of them is Patrick Thornton, a 40-year-old teacher from Houston, Texas.

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I've talked to students in the classroom all my life and I've never stumbled once in my life," said Patrick. During the coronavirus infection, I had chest pain and difficulty breathing, as well as my voice. Slowly my voice came back but its flow did not come back and when I started speaking I was stuttering. "The other person with the condition is Brian, a New Yorker. Even when the symptoms of the coronavirus became severe, his voice disappeared and when he started speaking again, he became stuttering. Experts say that the coronavirus affects people's mental and nervous health. It has a very negative effect, and it is possible that this damage may cause them to stutter.
Extremely dangerous effects of coronavirus lockdown on young children, experts warn.
Extremely dangerous effects of coronavirus lockdown on young children, experts warn.  Children seem to be happy about this, but what effect is the closure of schools having on the minds of children and their parents? coronavirus worldmeter, American experts have made a horrible revelation in this regard. According to Mail Online, experts say that due to the closure of schools, the rate of depression, self-harm, and suicidal tendencies in children is increasing rapidly. In addition, parents are suffering from depression due to school closures.
According to the report, alarming statistics are also coming out in this regard in the United States. The state of Las Vegas has decided to reopen schools after 18 students committed suicide in recent weeks to prevent more children from becoming depressed and taking their own livescoronavirus cases by country Pediatricians in the United States and the United Kingdom say that the closure of schools has led to "alarming levels of self-harm and suicide among children." The closure of schools is having such a devastating effect on their mental health that no one even thought of it.

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The seriousness of the situation in the eyes of experts can be gauged from the fact that three eminent pediatricians in the UK, Prof. Dr. Clary Hogg, Dr. Ian Bell Forlan, and Prof. Dr. Siegel Siglani, and others An open letter has been written to the government in which it has requested the reopening of schools, citing the extremely negative effects of school closures on the mental health of children and their parents. 

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He wrote in his letter that appropriate measures should be taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in schools so that children and their parents can be saved from this serious situation.

The Corona couple got married in the quarantine ward

covid-19 test results online Pakistan,
Corona couple marries in quarantine ward A few months before the wedding in the UK, the corona-affected couple decided to get married in the quarantine ward due to ill health, which was made possible by the medical staff.

 with difficulty breathing, according to the World News Agency. In the ambulance, the couple had decided that if time did not give a respite by June, they would get married in the hospital before dying.

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